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Arbs Web Ltd


Every day brings opportunities, every day brings arbitrage opportunities and situations. At, we’ve created a new way of arbitrage investing, a way that is much more than the simple arbs pool. offers a mixed, regulated arbitrage pool. What do we understand under these terms? Normally, arbers reach a monthly return of somewhere around 10-25%, depending on how much work and research..

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  • Investment plans:
  • Min spend: $9999999999
  • Max spend: unlimited
  • Payout max time: 24hh
  • Minimum to withdraw: $1
  • Referral: 6-8%%
  • Payment method: Manual
  • Compounding available: no
  • Principal return: no
  • Our investment: $150.00
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Payout speed
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If you see the sign "Care Investors Program" this means that you get a possibility to report any missed deposit or pending withdrawal even if you are not referred by us. A program's representative can join to any dispute and respond directly in our system. All complaints are monitored and verified by our investigation team.
In this way, your complaints are verified by a third and indepedent party. We publish the information how many complaints the program have and how many of them are solved, pending and unsolved.
We have 3 levels of verification process. Every level has individual rules, please visit our advertise page for more details.
Feel free to invite program administrators to get more confidence and to access verification procedures.

Every program position depends on many factors:

Base points - 140
Ordered points - 0
Our rating points - 9
Points for verification - 0
ROI points - 112
Monitoring time points - 1764
Deposit volume points - 30

Payout speed
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We're on to our third monthly report and members who've been with us from the beginning of this
incredible journey have already entered the profit zone.
In the previous two reports, we've stated with numbers exactly how much money we divided
between different bookies, etc.
This time we'd like to start with a small Thank You note to every investor who's helped us
make what it is today: a profitable business unlike any other.
December has started and so the holiday season's begun. We meet up with a few investors during
this time, those of which have taken the long trip to see us and to enjoy some holiday time with the
team in New Zealand. To those who are located in other parts of the world -- we want to wish you
guys an enjoyable, relaxing and peaceful season with their loved ones.
In one of our last newsletters, we announced the closure of deposits into our monthly plan, starting
from December 07, 2011. The reason for not accepting new deposits is simple, we are getting
closer to the goal amount we targeted at the start of
Of course, the monthly plan was part of a great promotion to attract higher investors, but we've
learned over these last three months that the weekly plan had always been the favorite among our
investors. So we decided to discontinue the monthly plan for new investments, as we have less
pressure to achieve high returns, and at the same time increase with the higher turn over a larger
amount of investments in the bookies.
Now, why are we calling the bookies investment amounts? Well basically the money between the
bookies is an investment. Even betting on sport outcomes, arbitrage or sure bets are investments.
From time to time, however, we get a bet canceled, and even the most experienced arber faces
problems with bets from time to time. The majority of bets win in any outcome, therefore, arbitrage
is an investment.
Before we move on to screenshots and the promised numbers and investments we divide between
bookies, let us answer one question we received lately from one of our VIP investors. Already
addressed to him, but worth sharing with everyone else.
“What would happen if something happened to you (Mathew); an accident, sickness or just
unable to work online? Would the investments be in danger?”
Even though most of our investors communicate mostly with me, I am not definitely alone. Stefan
is a partner who has access to every account, and has already processed payments when I am
away. It doesn't just stop with Stefan. We have 5 arbers who are involved in the company, and 10
different arbers who share their arbs with us. These 10 arbers have nothing to do with the
company's turn over, but they help us as much as we help them in spotting arbs.
One of the most powerful assets an arber has in the arb world is: contacts. Unlike other
investments, there is no direct competition. If we spot an arb and share it with others, they profit as
much from this sure bet as they do when they spot arbs and share them with us.
For January's monthly report, we decided to make something different. We would like to ask you to
think about any questions you might have about arbing, sure bets or and submit them to
us with the ticket system:
We will address the best questions with the next report and we hope it'll make the January report
more attractive.
The last few weeks were much more profitable than the weeks before; this reflects the amount we
divide between bookies. We are able to join more bets and increase the outcome. But unlike
others, who increase the payouts, we focus on the success and increase the security of the
Finally, we'd like to share again some screen shots and conclude with the report of the bookies
and amounts of our investments:

And on to our third monthly report. Of course, we'll have our customary financial and sure bet
statement sent to each of our members and everyone interested in the company.
At this time, Arbs Web Ltd. has a grand total of 25 bookies, with a total Sure Bet amount of $69,707
divided between bookies.
We are among a total amount of $450,000 before we stop accepting members funds.
The term of 365 paying days will be fulfilled after reaching this amount.

Bookie Table
Because most of our members use USD ($) accounts, our table shows the amount in US ($)
dollars, even though we sometimes have Euro accounts.
The actual bookie amount we continued with in November is shown in the table featured, using
the actual money our team gained in Sure Bets over the last few years. As for the amounts we
us today, it is shown under 'December'. 'Withdrawals' show amounts we withdraw from bookies
and place into e-currencies.
The amount shown deposited is the amount of member funds we've deposited during the
month. Looking at the information, anyone could agree we're doing just fine, and are continually
able to reach the amounts promised.
We'll always know how to arb.


Dear members,

First, a very happy Thanksgiving. It's not only a time to feast but it's also Black Friday! Which means it's primetime for an offer you can't refuse.

So here's the deal. Everyone who'd like to be a part of our 36% per month offer can still be a part of this incredible opportunity, up until December 07. On this day, we're closing the monthly plan for good (the monthly plan is high and we feel it is time to continue only with our weekly offers). After that, however, the two weekly offers are the only two offers we accept. Don't worry about all you lucky investors using the monthly plan! You will receive all the earnings you've been promised within the plan.

We acknowledge the monthly plan is extraordinary, but it's not something we like to offer for a long time. As you know, the maximum investment combined between all investments is 450k USD, and only 10k into the monthly plan. So here's where you come in: if you feel like this is your plan, now's the time to join! Arbs pays every investment regarding to the time of investment into the plan they choose.




Trail Monitors Removed

During the last 60 days we have tried 16 different monitoring services with mixed results. As in our terms and services we are allowed to cancel, down or upgrade this services and we will only continue with investors and marketing partners, who actually are able to drive members to our site. As stated in our service agreements, we are not a charity, but we understand advertisement is necessary.

Our list of active monitoring services and press releases you can find here:

Our two premium monitor partners are:


Dear Members,

We believe we are obligated to provide screen shots of our arbs, so you see all that the sure bets we post on our site are not just words. The screens are done using rebel betting and some of our bookies. Enjoy them, and expect a bunch more every now and then on our news page:

Here you go:

Cheers, Mathew


Welcome to our second monthly report! As promised, we will present a financial and sure bet statement to each of our members and everyone interested in our company. The monthly statement also includes our goals
and some tips to become a successful arber yourself.
Arbs Web Ltd. has a total of 25 bookies at this time, with a total Sure Bet amount of $47173 divided between the bookies.
We are among a total amount of $450000 before we stop accepting members’ funds. The term of 365 paying days will be fulfilled after reaching this amount.

Bookie Table

Our table shows the amount in US ($) Dollars (even though we sometimes have Euro accounts) as most of our members in use USD accounts.
In the table shown, you can see the actual bookie amount we started with in October, using the money our team gained in Sure Bets over the last few years plus the money investors provided over the last 60 days to our arbitrage system. November shows the amount we use as of today. Withdrawals show amounts we withdraw from bookies and place into e-currencies. Last month we did many withdrawal tests and this month is no exception. The beauty of new investments from members is that it even
provides us with fewer amounts than we needed to be moved from and to bookies. This part gave us, in some cases, the opportunity to keep amounts by the bookies and had smaller exchange fees than we
The amount deposited consists of member funds we've deposited throughout the month.
Because of this, a current profit might be hard to calculate, but anyone who follows us will agree that we are totally fine and capable of reaching the amounts we promise. We may still be learning, but we always
know how to arb.

Before we talk about bookies, let’s start with e-currencies. When we started we accepted Solidtrustpay, Libertry Reserve and Perfect Money. After operating for a month we’ve decided to stop accepting Solidtrustpay, as it operates much too slow and just doesn’t give us the opportunity to actually arb. Many of our members encouraged us to accept Alertpay, which we accept now since a little more
than a month. The great thing about Alertpay is that we are able to withdraw and deposit fast, however, what we need to point out is that Alertpay has extreme high fees and this is bad disadvantage when it
comes to actually reaching the return and goal of our arbitrage bets. We will continue to accept Alertpay for now, but we might implement some fees to our system in the future for Alertpay deposits. When this
option is ready, we will announce it on the site.

Investment options
As we have announced a few weeks back, we not accept investments in the daily arb plan anymore.
This not only cuts our costs with exchangers, but also gives us the opportunity to arb with money longer, which results in higher returns. The weekly and monthly plan were adopted as most of our investors’
favorite investment option. With the weekly lifetime we have included an investment offer which allows every investor to request their principal investment back.

Daily Bets
We were asked why we did not include all our arbs in the monthly statement instead of just giving out some numbers of deposits between the bookies. Well. From the first day, we’ve posted every arb we got
involved with in our latest bets section on the kayako support page.
On this page you will not just find a statement of bets we announced of the last 30 days, no! The bets are posted when they are still hot! This means you can follow and verify these bets yourself. Consider
this as much more information as posting all the Arbs again in the monthly statement. You can actually verify them and bet yourself. Of course you need to act fast as odds can be changed within minutes.

Why $450000, and why Investments?

This question was submitted a few times during the last 30 days, since we mentioned this number in our October statement.
First: everyone needs a number, a goal of sorts, and the number needs to be reasonable. The amount of $450000 can be easily divided between the bookies we are using without the need of multiple accounts on the
same bookie. This is important, as we do not want to risk our members’ funds.
Second and more importantly: we have personal money invested since our team started this arbitrage journey a long time before we even offered it to members. We accepted funds only because we know we can commit to
more sure bets. More sure bets means higher returns, so our own money becomes more valuable.
This sounds cheesy but we are not just here to make quick dollars. We are here to increase our own investment. Without sugar coating it too much of course, after one year most investments expire and we receive more private funds to arb with.
So the $450000 is a number we feel comfortable with, and doesn’t raise red flags on the bookies.

One page on arbs is also overlooked by many of our readers, the news section:
You can find news, interviews and reviews about and, if you don’t have the time to read it yet, the
interview with money-monitor should be interesting for every arbs investor.

Why are there so many

High odds are crucial if a bookmaker wants to attract new customers, and this is what makes sports arbitrage so damn successful.
The question has plagued me for days. Yet the only real answer to this question without getting too angry is because they all make loads of money by scamming their customers blind. Think about it -- for years
they've been imposing the odds on us and rejecting the fair few who actually win at the game.
But all this means competition, and lots of it. Over what? Customers, of course! High odds are crucial if a bookmaker wants to attract new customers, and this is what makes sports arbitrage so damn successful.
In sports arbitrage, you bet on two or more sufficiently high odds on different bookies, covering all outcomes of the match. This guarantees you win, because one side or the other will eventually win. This
also means that you win by using bookmakers greed against themselves -- turning the tables such as it were, or profiting from their line of fire. In other words: changing the game in your favor.
Congrats! From now on, you'll always win. That's not even the best part -- greedy bookmakers equals higher odds to attract customers, and attracted customers means there'll always be attractive odds, which equals a grant total of wonderful possibilities for sports arbitrages!
Bookmakers I highly recommend Pinnacle, Betfair, Bwin, Unibet and Betsson. Joining these big guys by opening accounts with them would be a big step in the right direction!


Hey, it's us!

Upcoming this weekend is our monthly report, filled with exciting information about bookies, ways to become a successful arber and the actual statistics on just how much money is divided between each of our twenty-five (25) bookies.

This is a great way to introduce yourself to the arbs world. Our monthly report comes the first weekend of every month, so if you want to get to know arbing or just want to make some money, be sure to read it.


10/07/2011 started its online business a little more than a month
ago. We've learned, we've improved, and we're willing to improve even
more. Today's update is huge and we recommend everyone to read it.

The magic of sure bets, or arb betting, is of course that there is
minimum to no risk involved. Moving money between bookies and
ecurrencies is a little tricky and we've managed, learned and improved
over this last month. The latest improvement is the integration of
Alertpay into our script, but our programmers have a lot more to
manage. Here is what we have in store for you in the near future:

At first, we'd like to remind everyone we have three different
investment options so far: daily, weekly and monthly. Let us explain
what you can expect when investing in one of these three options:


With an investment of 500 EURO you receive 3.1 EURO per day fro the
first 60 days (186 EURO)

3.5 EURO per day from day 61-90 (105 EURO)

3.75 EURO per day from day 91-120 (112.5 EURO)

4 EURO per day from day 121-150 (120 EURO)

4.5 EURO per day from day 151-300 (675 EURO)

5 EURO per day from day 301-365 (325 EURO)



If you invest 500 EURO you receive 22.5 EURO per week for the first 4
weeks (90 EURO)

25 EURO per week from week 5 to week 8 (100 EURO)

27.5 EURO per week from week 9-12 (110 EURO)

29 EURO per week from week 13-16 (116 EURO)

31 EURO per week from week 17-20 (124 EURO)

36 EURO per week from week 21-40 (720 EURO)

40 EURO per week from week 41-52 (440 EURO)


On the monthly plan you receive with an investment of 1000 EURO, each
month 360 EURO for a total of 12 month. THIS IS AN AMAZING RETURN OF

Doesn't sound bad at all, does it?

Now we've learned moving money is not as easy as expected, therefore
we will close the _daily_ investment option on November 1st and
continue only with the _weekly_ and _monthly_ plan. People who've
invested in the daily plan will receive their returns according to the
plan, until their 365 full days have expired.

The weekly plan continues the way it has been advertised for future

On the Monthly plan, we'll increase the minimum investment on October
15th to at least $2500, or if you invest with EUROS to 2500 EUROS.

In all our investment options, the principal investment is not

On October 15th, we will also introduce a weekly plan with a return
of 3.5% for lifetime. The plan will not increase the weekly return,
but investors are able to withdraw their principal investment with a
15-day cancelation period.

To improve our service, we've also decided to install telephone
support for investors who've invested at least $1000 USD/€1000
EUROS. Members who have invested this amount invested will receive our
private telephone number and will be able to call us using their phone
line, or a service called Viber, which is available on most smart
phones. Viber allows free SMS and phone calls between cell phones
around the world.

Additionally, we ordered a script improvement; this installation and
programming takes between 2-4 months. Once installed you will receive
the option to arb yourself using our script. Daily arbs will appear
and you can place your arbs using our script directly.


The basics: you buy credits to receive arbs. We provide arbs that can
be placed directly into the bookies accounts. As a member, you receive
arbs accordingly on the bookies you used. The referral commission we
receive from the bookies is our reward for providing the arbs. This
means that, the more your arb using our link, the more credits for
additional sure bets you will receive.

Of course this new feature is available only for members that have
their own bookie accounts, and have used our referral link. We
guarantee to provide as many arbs as possible and you still have the
option of letting us do the arbs securely for you.

The greatest feature in this improvement by far is that you receive
daily reports, reports of where your money was used, and that you can
see it for yourself if you decide to arb yourself.

Members who've invested at least $1000 USD/€1000 EURO and stays
with us for at least three months will additionally receive the option
using their credit card, moneybookers or netteller account.

In our October report, we showed you how we arb and mentioned that
we're discontinuing work with some of our monitoring services. We've
received some emails explaining to us that, even though they've agreed
to our rules of trial, they will demote us into scam status if we
discontinue working with them. We have no problem with these posts
threatenings, as we will publish the emails received. Also, our terms
of agreement is already visible for everyone in our terms of services.
Of course, we will continue working with reliable monitoring services
and will publish the list of services we continue and discontinue.
Come October 15th, the day we give them a chance to show all of us we
were wrong about them and that they're actually reliable.

We're glad that we've improved our services and we hope you enjoy
this continued improvement!

Happy Money Making,



To every arber out there: it is with immense pleasure that we
announce AlertPay is now functioning for fundings in your


Arbs Web Ltd. Monthly Report is available for download on our

The report includes screenshots of our arbs. Sure bet and Bookie
amounts are withdrawn, deposited and active for betting. A 'How to
Arb' guide and some announcements. We also publish marketing changes
and our premium partner. This online PDF brochure is interesting and
useful for investors, people who are interested in arbs, and everyone
who is interested in learning the drill of sure bets.


During our first month, we learned how to use ecurrencies to our
advantage and how to move them to bookies, plus vice versa. We have
also learned this can be quite an hustle if you work with slow payment
processors even though they've promise fast cash outs directly to your
credit card. Therefore, we'll remove solidtrustpay from our trusted
partners and replace them with AlertPay.

Everyone who's invested with solidtrustpay has receive a full refund
to solidtrustpay, regardless of how much he's earned already. This is
the fairest solution we can think of, considering that everyone has
earned his fair share this way. Full refund of the initial investment
and every earning paid up to this day.

Alertpay will also feature credit card payments, which means you can
invest via credit card using the AlertPay gateway.

Alertpay will be available to everyone, starting October 01, 2011.

Any questions? Contact us!
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